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January 20, 2023

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Grand Bohemian Hotel with couple dancing in the balcony

The Grand Bohemian Lodge & Hotel just opened in Greenville, SC this past August 2022, and I had the privilege of photographing one of the first weddings ever held there! 

The Bride & Groom

The bride and groom, Beth and Dane, found me through Insta, and as soon as they told me that they chose me for my creative adventure wedding photographer energy (boo-yeah!), I knew we were the right fit! 

These two had fallen head over heels—or should I say “head over sneakers”—after meeting in a Greenville running club! With that in mind, I knew that their wedding photo session would include lots of playful candids, especially running photos—featuring their New York themed Brooks running shoes since their next big bucket list item was the New York Marathon!

Couple running at the Grand Bohemian Lodge & Hotel

As with most weddings, I try to visit the venue ahead of time in order to scout any potential photo spots for the actual wedding day. For Beth and Dane’s wedding, I actually met up with the bride and groom at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Greenville, SC a week before their wedding to take a tour. 

The Venue

The Grand Bohemian Hotel is definitely a grand lodge in South Carolina! Its accents of stone, wood, and dark tones reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, and Saskatoon, a lodge style restaurant here in Greenville that serves interesting delicacies.

Upon entering the Grand Bohemian Hotel, you are welcomed with a large floor to ceiling stone-covered fireplace, surrounded by tall shelves of many many books (hence, the Beauty and the Beast vibes)! 

The Grand Bohemian Hotel offers many unique photo spots, but Beth and Dane chose to get married on the balcony overlooking Reedy River Falls, the Liberty Bridge, and the Old Mill Garden across the stream. Because of the importance of the balcony and the sun’s course, I knew we had to start photos in the balcony and lobby to make sure sunlight was still in our photographs. 

PHOTO TIP: The sun dips earlier in Downtown Greenville SC, specifically in Falls Park because of its lower elevation and the surrounding trees and buildings. I scheduled this wedding session at 4:30-6:00 with a set cocktail hour at 6:10.

On the main level of the Grand Bohemian Hotel, you’ll find beverages, an art gallery and jewelry display by the Kessler Collection, and Between the Trees, a restaurant for modern lodge cuisine. This couple was so game—we even took some photos in the main floor elevator! 

PHOTO TIP: Since the elevator closes quickly, ask a stranger or an assistant to press the elevator button right before you hit the shutter. Also, use an on-camera flash for this trendy photo! 

Before making our way to the lower level restaurant Spirit and Bower, I took Beth and Dane onto the lawn where later, you’ll see, they actually rode some bikes through—bikes provided by the Grand Bohemian Hotel. 

Photographed from Between the Trees
Bottom of Liberty Bridge

Down the steps to Spirit and Bower (which is roped off but can be accessed with permission), you’ll find a firepit and a private gate that leads to the under belly of the Liberty Bridge

PHOTO TIP: Before making our way down there, I chose to shoot from the first-floor restaurant Between the Trees in order to get a higher perspective, showcasing Reedy River Falls. 

The oasis at the foot of Liberty Bridge was private and closed off but did require a bit of photoshopping since there were many people climbing all over the rocks in the background. Across from this secret spot, the Old Mill Garden sits. Unfortunately, to get to this next photo spot, there was no other path to cross besides the Liberty Bridge. 

PHOTO TIP: Because the Grand Bohemian Hotel, Spirit and Bower, Between the Trees, and surrounding shops are open to the public, there will be many people milling about especially on a nice day. Be mindful of visitors, opt for a camera lens with a wide aperture to blur the background as much as you can, and utilize the stamp and clone tool. 🙂 Also, to be most efficient with your timeline, organize your shot list with locations in mind.

We ended our session with a champagne pop on the lawn before heading straight to their pre-ceremony cocktail hour where they mingled with their close family and friends before the vows. (As you can see, Beth and Dane’s wedding was not a conventional wedding!) This intimate time eased them into their sweet ceremony on the Grand Bohemian Hotel balcony immersed in nature and serenaded by the soft rush of the Reedy River Falls.

Grand Bohemian Hotel with couple dancing in the balcony

PHOTO TIP: Typically, in shaded settings like this, I would rather have had the couple face the opening for better lighting, but that would’ve required the glass walls to be the background instead of the view. I recommend weighing your options: lighting vs background? Flash for extra light or no flash? Also, as a wedding photographer, it’s important to think through your equipment needs before a wedding day. I knew that I wanted a higher angle for this ceremony in order to capture Reedy River Falls, so I requested a chair for myself beforehand. 

Right after the ceremony, we ran outside and I had Beth and Dane jump on bikes and ride across the Liberty Bridge! All the bikes had been checked out before the ceremony, so we were so thrilled the coordinator could get a hold of two hotel bikes afterwards! 

To end the night of celebration, Beth and Dane ate a delicious dinner served in one of Grand Bohemian Hotel’s private rooms. This unconventional wedding was perfect for a fun couple like Beth and Dane and a water-lovin’ adventure wedding photographer like me!

Photo Spots at the Grand Bohemian Hotel, Greenville, SC:

  • Lobby: fireplace, elevator, lounge
  • Balcony
  • Lawn 
  • Liberty Bridge: below and the bridge itself 
  • Spirit & Bower: fire pit and patio
  • Old Mill Garden: another wedding venue space rental

If you’re looking to celebrate your wedding within the beauty of Greenville, SC, consider booking the Grand Bohemian Lodge & Hotel for your getting ready, ceremony, and honeymoon! Ready to book a room?? Book here using my affiliate link!

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Thank you so much for reading this article! I would love to hear which part of the Grand Bohemian Hotel you’d love to visit here in Greenville, SC down in the comments below! 

Photography: Abby Joy Studio | Venue: Grand Bohemian Lodge & Hotel Greenville, SC | Wedding Dress: The Dress Bridal Boutique | Groom’s Outfit: Jos.A.Bank | Hair & Makeup: WOW! Salon Co | Florals: TWIGS Greenville | Ring: Windsor Fine Jewelers

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just abby joy



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