2022 Year in Review & 2023 Goal Setting 

January 6, 2023


Abby Joy on a rock at the beach in Oahu

2022 year in review: 4 states. 44,000 camera roll photos. Countless adventures. My favorite part? 

The people. 

PEOPLE over places—that’s the highlight of my 2022. 

Of course, I’m for sure grateful to have explored new and familiar destinations this year, but as I scroll through my camera roll (eep, I know I shared a big number), my brain leaps to memories made with both forever and newfound friends! 

—memories of bubbly energy from virtual friends finally meeting in person, belly-laugh-level inside jokes, wild first time experiences, two left-feet dancing, hilarious Reel threads, and long car ride phone calls.

Maybe it’s just me, but graduating covid year had its after effects—don’t get me wrong, God brought SO much grace and many blessings in 2020/2021, but it felt like there was a tiny little blip, right? 

This year, however, I felt like I was back in college again, trying new things and making new friends (but without any homework, bless). 

There’s too much to say about God’s goodness and overwhelming love for someone who doesn’t deserve them, but one thing I hope to encourage you with moving forward into 2023 is that—

He will always provide when you need it most, according to His purpose (Rom. 8:28)—and that includes friendships! 

There was a moment this year when I felt uninvited and alienated even though surrounded by a crowd. I called a friend, and she suggested that this point of solitude might be a great time to just be with the Lord and to just listen. 

By the grace of God, one by one, the Lord finally connected me with some friends—when He thought I needed them most. In this circumstance, I realized one important thing: God will provide—yes, as mentioned above, but—He will provide through Himself. It’s so easy to be at peace with the first part of that statement, but it’s a lot harder for me to be hands-off and to rely on the Lord completely. God reminded me that no matter how spunky or kind I try to be, He alone is the source of any relationship

That gives me a lot of peace and less to worry about! 

Anyway, I’d like to end this 2022 Year in Review with thanking each of you. If you befriended me at all this year, even just for a brief moment and even if I couldn’t squeeze you into these photos or the ones on Insta, thank you; you were God-sent, and it means a lot to me! 

Girl Hang Fall Hike at Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC on October 29, 2022. (Abby Joy Studio)

What’s Next for 2023? 

PEOPLE will still be a big part of 2023 (and of my life).

If you follow me on Instagram, I host “Girl + Guy Hangs” once a month (or at least when we can) to connect other young adults from Instagram with new friends IRL. Our “Hangs” so far have included an all-girls hike, ice skating, and a local Christmas lighting event! We are starting 2023 off strong with indoor rock climbing! As of January 5th, we still have room, so DM me to join!

THIS BLOG is a weekly priority for me this year.

I’m excited to bring you along with me in my travel diary, whether for wedding photography or simply my own escapades, with the goal of inspiring you to explore more and capture joy in your adventure. 

I’m so pumped for this year! Thank you for reading my 2022 year in review & 2023 goals; it means the world to me! 

I’d love to hear what your favorite part of your 2022 was. Go ahead and comment the highlight of your 2022! 

P.s. Off to find some tissues after writing this ✨

just abby joy

just abby joy



  1. Kiersten says:

    Favorite moments of 2022:
    Moving out, getting a new car, making daily walks a priority. Having a month of difficulty and doubting God to only come out of it even stronger in my faith.

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