I'm a photographer and artist by nature, avid podcast listener, and beach bum living in Greenville, SC. Originally from the small island of the Philippines, I love love love traveling and exploring the world with big bright eyes—"small girl, big world." 

My mom gifted me my first DSLR camera my senior year of high school, and from then on, with an innate curiosity for asking mannny questions, hearing stories, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, I found myself connecting with you in the world of portrait photography! I have degrees in graphic design and business which all add to the creative magic. 

heya, i'm abby!

adventure bug, believer, e/infj  |  serving since 2018

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Lord willing, I would love to continue volunteering each summer at Christian camps or mission trips and helping organizations with their content (photo + video) and social media strategy to spread the Good News to more and more campers and families!

If you're interested in inviting me into your ministry, please email me at abbyjoystudio@gmail.com.

i'm obsessed with making + keeping memories

Why I do what I do

kinda sentimental

I'm on your side! ;) No two people are the same. Come as you are—ready to get silly? Maybe a little bit more mellow and moody? Being an extroverted introvert lets me easily connect and adapt to all walks of life while allowing me to intentionally watch for small magical moments. Paired with my organizational skills and acute sense of planning, let's make this photoshoot a fun date! Let's frame photos that speak true to you!

i believe in using my superpowers for good

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"Obsessed" is not an exaggeration— Asides from having over 30,000 photos in my camera roll, I've had a diary since 1st grade, I've kept all my planners since high school (because 80 year-old Abby might want to know what 16 year-old Abby had for homework—who knows). and I was that "quiet bookish girl with a camera" character case study on field trips—you get it. ;) 

I'm sentimental; I'm proud of it, and I'm grateful I can create sentimental keepsakes for you in SC, FL, and beyond.

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A big part of who I am and what I do is all because of Jesus! Growing up, I was fortunate enough to attend camp for a summer or two where others poured into my life. Ever since college, I've enjoyed the opportunity of doing the same:  pouring into the lives of kids and teens in a hyper-focused and caring camp environment.

As of 2022, I have worked at 4 Christian camps in 4 different states, as operational staff, counselor, photographer, and digital media manager.