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January 29, 2023

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Adelaide Events Venue Outdoor Ceremony

Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg is a small but quaint outdoor wedding venue, only 40 minutes from Greenville, SC. Their packages range from $2,600-3,300 and fit up to 120 guest under their outdoor pavilion. 

If you’re new here, welcome! My name is Abby and I’m a Greenville, SC wedding photographer and travel blogger. Follow along and tour Adelaide Events Venue with me in this behind-the-scenes video to learn some photo tips for brides and photographers. 


Days before photographing a wedding, I prepare my camera gear and camera bag ahead of time. While driving on the day-of the wedding, I often watch (listen to, lol) full wedding day behind the scenes videos like this one to get my mind in the zone. I go more in depth about my wedding photography process and behind-the-scenes in some of my other Youtube videos.

I second-shot for this wedding but whenever I’m the primary photographer, I usually try to visit the venue beforehand if it’s not too far. It helps me get an idea of photo spot possibilities which I can then communicate with the wedding coordinator or the bride. Preparation before the wedding day allows the the bridal party and families to know where I’m expecting them for the photos. 

Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, South Carolina exhibits a more historic, vintage southern wedding style. It can host a small to modest sized wedding with up to 120 guests under the outdoor pavilion event space. 

This front area here is right beside the parking lot with a front wrap-around porch which offers a nice spot for portraits and even a wedding dress shot. 

Upon entry, there’s a service desk which I have to say, the owner was so sweet and so nice! I kind of hurt myself (what a clutz, haha!) and she totally helped me and took care of my little sitch. 

Getting Ready Portraits

My first responsibility at any wedding is to meet the family and friends and to make them feel comfortable and then I go straight into getting-ready and wedding flat lay photography which was up in the second story. 

It was dark up there but I tried to utilize the little window as much as I could for natural lighting. If the bride doesn’t have a nice hanger, I usually use one I bring and for the wedding flat lay details. I make sure to communicate ahead of time what’s needed to be made ready in a box like invitations, heirlooms, jewelry.

Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, SC First Look with Father

First Look: Should you have a first look?

With getting ready taken care of, it’s usually time for the first look! Brianna actually had a first look with both her groom and dad—which props to her because whenever there’s a first look that means the bride and groom can hang out all day instead of waiting for the ceremony. Having a first look also means that most wedding photos including the couple portraits and bridal party portraits are done before the ceremony. If you’re wondering if you should have a first look or not, I highly recommend having a first look!!!   

Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, SC Couple Portraits

Couple Portraits

Wedding portraits for the couple come after the first look. I allot around 30 minutes for couple portraits, and we did take Brianna and Mitchell back inside the house since Adelaide Events Venue offers many vintage furniture for props. If the weather is nice out though, I primarily shoot outdoors.

For wedding couple portraits, I like to start with casual prompts that get you comfortable such as the slow dance, sway/twirl, walk, and then jump into formals where you’re both looking at the camera (full body and up close). It’s important to get those formal portraits since those are the ones your family will frame. Some photographers forget these since it’s easy to focus on fun candid wedding images for Instagram!

Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, SC Details
Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, SC Outdoor Ceremony Boho Details
Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, SC Details
The bride’s grandpa’s old shirts in memoriam

Wedding Second Shooter Responsibilities

During this time, a second shooter can help with wedding portraits, but the second shooter can also make their way around the venue to photograph untouched details before the ceremony and reception. Second shooters are as important as the primary photographer as they capture details from a different perspective. Adelaide Events Venue has a little outdoor reception area right beside the outdoor ceremony lawn and because the day was pretty chilly, they had nice space heaters to warm the guests. 

Relax Before the Ceremony

I advise my couples to have at least 30 minutes after bridal party photos and family portraits to just relax and take in the day. During this time, I slow down for a little bit and take a sip of water which I always forget! I check my timeline and make sure I’ve gotten what I’ve needed and coordinate with the second shooter and videographer where to stand for the prelude. As I wait, I usually make my way around and snap photos of guests so the bride and groom remember who came! 

Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, SC Family Portraits

Family Portraits at Adelaide Events Venue

Since Brianna and Mitchel had a first look (highly recommend!!) at this Greenville wedding venue, the only formal portraits they had left were immediate and extended family pictures. At the end of the ceremony, I have the officiant or emcee announce where the family portraits will be. A family member, coordinator or second shooter can help with lining up the necessary family groupings—as your photographer, we would’ve already squared away days before your wedding day to make family portraits as fast and seamless as possible! 

During this time, if the second shooter isn’t needed, the second shooter takes photos of the guests during cocktail hour. 

Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, SC Outdoor Reception

Reception at Adelaide Events Venue

After family portraits, it’s time for the bridal party entrance to the reception and often the bride and groom’s first dance. Then, the wedding reception timeline usually flows into eating time which I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me smile—also a great break for my feet, haha. Then it’s cake cutting, toasts, games or dancing, and then send-off! My priority during the wedding reception is to capture memories with your guests. I often float nearby to make sure I’m available for you whenever you want a photo with someone in particular! The wedding reception is a full celebration where I really hone in on my love for photojournalism and documentary as a wedding photographer. 

I hope you enjoyed this video tour and photo gallery at Adelaide Events Venue. It really is a quaint outdoor wedding venue in Greenville, SC. 

Adelaide Events Venue in Spartanburg, SC Outdoor Boho Ceremony

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