How to Pick a Wedding Venue in Greenville SC

February 5, 2024


Piney Grove Ranch Greenville SC Wedding Venue

Bride, if you value style and photography but want to save money on decor, consider these points as you search for wedding venues in Greenville, SC.

Browse for a wedding venue that has natural beauty and is photographer friendly—meaning that it was built and is maintained with the photographer in mind!

Look into a wedding venue with…

  1. Multiple ceremonial spots that allow you to adjust your layout depending on the view—and the sun. This can be easily missed and forgotten when planning.. until you’re finally standing there on your wedding day, reciting your vows with the sun blazing down on your face or overheating your officiant’s ipad (true story). Photos are a lot softer when the sun is behind the subject so I recommend you tour your venue around your ceremony time to see if there’s a spot where the sun can be behind you or peeking through trees.
  2. Enough light for the reception space (bonus points if they have white walls to bounce light onto): As your photographer, I have the proper lighting equipment for you, but when I see glass or white walls, I’m immediately 🤩.
  3. Intentional getting ready suites that allow for light to stream in—not only will you get beautiful photos but also feel relaxed in a space intentionally designed! If you’re looking for light-filled photos, don’t book a venue that has “black holes” where light barely gets to the space because of lack of windows, lighting, or is made of dark material.
  4. Natural beauty. This can include a pond, lake, the ocean, waterfall, flower bushes, garden, mountains, rolling hills, etc.

📸Have a dream wedding in mind? DM me! I can probably give you ideas for wedding venues in Greenville, SC from the many weddings I’ve captured!

just abby joy

just abby joy



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