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October 13, 2023

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Spill the Beans Couple Session

Here are some of the best coffee shops in Greenville SC and see how remote-work friendly each one is!

If coffee is your love language, then Greenville, South Carolina is your city. Local coffee shops in Greenville SC are popping up left and right! Technically this list compiles coffee shops in the *Greater* Greenville area, but who doesn’t want to know all the Greenville coffee shops? 

Although I don’t personally drink coffee (heart palpitations), I live for the cafe ambience. Give me all the lofi, hanging lights, plants, and textures from leather to bamboo. I love finding quiet corners in coffee shops in Greenville SC and whipping out—I wish I could say a book—my laptop to design and edit photo sessions. These cafes would also be perfect for having some sweet God + I time during slow mornings!

Since I don’t drink coffee, help a girl out! What should I order on my next visit? 

Guide for the best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC

These are 4 things I look for when rating cafes. However, because I am no food blogger, I’ll be sharing my opinion mostly with the first two line items. If I personally ordered something memorable, I’ll be making a note! 

  1. Aesthetic
  2. Remote Work Friendly (aka Wifi Speed & Comfort) 
  3. The Menu
  4. The Coffee

All opinions come from my personal graphic designer and photographer’s perspective. I think baristas are talented, personal, and dare I say, patient vendors out there! 

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you buy something through those links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

📍Greenville, SC

Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC

☕️Methodical Coffee 

Location: 101 N Main St, Greenville, SC 29601 (Downtown Greenville) / 147 Welborn St b3, Greenville, SC 29601 (The Commons)
IG: @methodicalcoffee

Aesthetic (the Commons at Welborn): 

Methodical features beautiful arched shelves, granite countertops, and exudes a man-with-a-curly-mustache energy. Definitely more on the masculine side of things but super classy. 

Remote Work Friendly: 

I’ve only visited Methodical Coffee at the Commons. The Commons is essentially a food court beside boutique gyms right at Unity Park. Because it’s in a food court setting, there are many seats to choose from. However, being in Downtown Greenville, many remote workers or 9-5er’s going on lunch break flood here. 

Perhaps that’s why they’ve been having so many issues with their wifi. Dun-dun-dun. This may be the only time I mention wifi issues in this article. During my 3-ish hours working remotely, I had to use my personal hotspot, and I wasn’t the only one. 

I would say that the biggest perk about working remotely from Methodical Coffee at the Commons is Unity Park. I took a short walking break this winter, and I can only imagine what it’s like in the warmer months. 

Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Spill the Beans
Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Spill the Beans


Location: 531 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601 / 174 E Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29306
IG: @stbdowntown


Spill the Beans has a darker industrial interior design with its cement flooring, exposed pipes, and brick. Its two walls are covered with windows up at the front, which makes up for its dim interior. However, it’s still pretty dark in the main seating area.

Remote Work Friendly: 

I’ve been to Spill the Beans on quieter mornings, but most of the time when I stop by before or after photoshoots at Falls Park, it’s a little bit of mayhem. It’s at the heart of Downtown Greenville beside our famous Reedy River Falls, and many locals and tourists flood here.

Because the ambience is pretty dark, I think I would have a hard time working from here, not just because I have really bad eyes but because lighting affects my creativity. Although many creatives like dark mode, as. a graphic designer, I prefer lots of light and greenery around me.

If I’m remembering correctly, there’s only one bathroom available inside the shop and it’s kind of in the middle of the main seating area. Because of the high foot traffic, there may be a line, and it might not be spick-and-span 24/7. There is a public bathroom outside just a level below right behind Passerelle Bistro, a French restaurant in Greenville. That one is definitely a public restroom.

I recently had a wedding photography consultation at STB and their wifi was locked 👀. I might have just needed to ask the workers, but I ended up just joining my hotspot.

Despite the possible remote work experience at Spill the Beans, stopping by for ice cream (what I really think they’re known for) is still a classic activity on Main Street Downtown Greenville SC.

You could even do a cute little ice cream couple’s photoshoot like K + D did to reminisce this first date! Book a session with your gal today!

☕️Bridge City Coffee

Location: 1520 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29609
IG: @bridgecitycoffee


I would say that Bridge City Coffee is a pretty casual straightforward, box layout cafe, not super fru-fru-ey or feminine. “Good people. Good coffee,” as some would say. I love the monoline illustrations they have for their branding; it adds a little bit of spunk to the space. I feel like the space could use some more softness, texture, or color, but maybe that’s just me! You’ll find out soon that my favorite coffee shops are the ones with a lot of richer elements. 

Remote Work Friendly: 

Many people I know work remotely from here, even people I’ve had virtual meetings with and so far no issues with wifi connection. 

Because the coffee house has a pretty simple square floor plan, there’s not much privacy or hidden nooks. 

Outdoor seating is available but it does sit right beside busy Wade Hampton Blvd. which could use some sprucing up and trees. Bridge City Coffee is only about 7 min. from Downtown Greenville.

Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Village Grind
Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Village Grind
Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Village Grind

☕️Village Grind: best eclectic coffee shops in greenville sc

Location: 1258 Pendleton St, Greenville, SC 29611
IG: @thevillagegrind


It’s so funny that my aesthetic is pretty pastelly, but my favorite branding for coffee shops in Greenville SC is the more hearty and eclectic ones. Village Grind probably ranks my #1 when it comes to cozy eclectic vibes. They have hanging plants galore, gold, brassy textures, and floral illustrations across their front wall. 

Remote Work Friendly: 

The space is cozy and the oriental rugs make it seem like you can just melt into a corner with a good book (or a laptop). 

I haven’t been to this coffee shop in Greenville SC in awhile, but in 2022, they actually extended their cafe for more seating and bar counters (yay, us, antsy work standers).

With the style, comfort, close proximity to Downtown Greenville, this cafe has Abby Joy Studio’s WFH stamp of approval. (I do wish it was on Main Street and a little bit more central to Downtown Greenville.) 

Village Grind sits in the West End of Greenville beside Coastal Crust pizza (the yummiest signature wood-fired pizza I’ve ever tasted: I recommend the “Pig & Fig”), Junkyard Fitness, Savereign plant shop, and Brains on Fire (the cutest and most hip design agency in town—I almost interned for them!) 

Are you a graphic designer or photographer? Here’s the beast of a laptop I use!

☕️Cohesive Coffee

Location: 301 Airport Rd Unit I, Greenville, SC 29607


I haven’t been to Cohesive Coffee in a while, but when I came a few years ago, it did feel a little bit empty and could have used some more color and soft touches. However, its location is pretty convenient! They also have a mural of wings outside for a photo op.

Remote Work Friendly: 

My favorite part about Cohesive Coffee is that it sits right beside White Duck Taco Shop. It’s by far my favorite taco shop here in Greenville, and we have a lot of taco spots.

It’s also right beside Haywood Mall if you’re needing to go to the Apple store to repair your device “in a jiffy.” 

Lastly, Downtown Greenville is only 10 min. away via Laurens Road.

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📍Greer, SC

Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Scandi Tiny

Scandi Tiny

☕️Scandi Tiny Coffee

Location: 301 Simply Less Circle, 2901-2983 N Hwy 101, Greer, SC 29651
IG: @scanditinycoffee


Although Scandi Tiny is for sure ‘tiny,’ you can’t miss this cute cafe as it sits at the edge of a tiny home community surrounded by string lights in Greer. Residents of the Olive Nest Tiny Homes and the Lake Walk Tiny Home Community have easy access to this little gem, but this cafe is open to the general public. 

If you look up “Scandinavian interior design,” Scandi Tiny definitely represents that vibe with its mixture of white paneling and husky dark tones, some rattan, and plants. It has very clean geometric features that make the space modern and minimalistic. I think if I had to sprinkle some more ‘hygge’* magic, I would add a smidge more plush textures like more pillows and a blanket. But since the space is small, I understand that it’s important to prioritize minimalism. 

*Hygge: “Danish word that loosely translates to “coziness” or “comfort,” and it’s often used to describe a vibe or feeling that you’d get from snuggling indoors on a cold day.” (CNBC

Remote Work Friendly: 

If you wanna get “in the zone,” Scandi Tiny is pretty small and cozy with lots of single seating surrounded by windows. However, I think that the plastic table chairs are more suited for a quick coffee chat than 8-hours on your laptop (but that’s what actual offices are for, right?). 

In the central location, where the baristas work their magic, there’s a couch and two armchairs in a cozy nook. When it’s nice out, you can sit outside on some couches and hammock chairs or stand at some bar counters (perfect for my bad knees, lol).

Because Scandi is located beside a busy road, be ready to whip out those noise cancellation headphones (here’s mine).

My overall thoughts on remote work at Scandi? I consider myself a social butterfly so if there were too many people in Scandi’s small space, I think I’d probably get distracted and maybe feel a little cramped. However, on a nice day, I can see myself cozying up outside. 

There was one single bathroom, but it was clean (the handle locks horizontally instead of the normal vertical position so it did confuse me for a second). 

The baristas were nice and let me take multiple photos like a wild child 😂 (s/o to them if they’re reading this!).

If you’re not working remotely from Scandi Tiny but still want to go for a coffee run, they do have a cute little drive-through!

What I Ordered: ($6) Iced chai latte with almond milk and a pump of vanilla (wow, look at me being a boujee non-coffee-drinking girlie). It’s hard for me to judge drinks since I rarely drink anything besides water, but it was a pretty solid, hearty drink with lots of spice and yummy almond milk. I did have a slight headache and sore throat at the end of it, but who knows if it was just from me talking too much (story of my life). 

Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at the old Barista AlleyOriginal Barista Alley

☕️Barista Alley

Location: 101 Trade St, Greer, SC 29651
IG: @baristaalley


Barista Alley used to be in a smaller building across the street, but in 2022, they moved into their corner lot which used to be historic First National Bank of Greer. What’s neat is that they’ve kept the bank’s original windows and doors, marble, and hand-carved designs. They also have been using the bank vault for retail

Tbh, this corner lot is channeling Flat Iron Building for me, and you already know my love for NYC. 

Remote Work Friendly: 

I’ve visited the old Barista Alley and while the new location is pretty cool, I thought that the original building which used to be BA Bennett & Co. was a little more conducive for remote work. It was all on one floor while the new one requires some cardiovascular strength (haha, maybe that’s my issue) with its narrow staircase

Barista Alley does have ground floor seating but it is minimal with the space tightly shared with the baristas and the two entrance doors.

As the summer months approach, I’m assuming the rooftop will be open for some outdoor rooftop seating. 

Also, because of the bank’s high vaulted ceilings (*rapidly googles correlation of this with literal bank vaults*), it does get very echo-ey.

Overall, although it has character, because of the loudness and tight space (please don’t come at me😅; maybe I just came during a very high-traffic lunch hour), it’s not my top pick for working remotely or having meetings. I would definitely recommend this for a girls’ day out in Downtown Greer! 

Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Flying Fox

How can you not like this logo?

☕️Flying Fox Coffee: Best Coffee Shops branding in Greenville SC

Location: 215 Trade St. Greer, SC


Okay, okay, if I could have a crush on any branding for any coffee shop in Greenville SC, it would be Flying Fox. Like, I’m shook. As a graphic designer myself and aspiring hand-letterer, Flying Fox’s logo by Defender Creative is something I could drink in all day (lol, sorry). 

Remote Work Friendly:

This coffee shop in Greenville SC (Downtown Greer) offers so much room to work remotely. Technically, the cafe only has a little nook of a spot at the main entrance of Cartwright Food Hall. —However! With normal seats and tall bar stools (for us with weak knees), Cartwright Food Hall has so many seating areas in this two-story food hall

Cartwright Food Hall even has outdoor picnic table seating right outside of White Wine & Butter if you’re feeling up for the breeze. 

Nothing wrong with the wifi! Solo bathrooms for both genders are available at the ground and second level—modern and kept very clean! 

What I Ordered:

I got my second ever matcha here! My first ever matcha was a liquidy one from Starbucks which I liked; it did taste like grass but I didn’t have anything to compare it to so I liked it. My matcha from Flying Fox was a little thicker and less sweet than Starbucks’. 

📍Taylors, SC

Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Junto
Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Junto

☕️Junto Coffee: Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC for its size

Location: 232 Mill St, Taylors, SC 29687


Junto Coffee is part of Taylors Mill, and it is probably the biggest cafe I’ve been to in Greenville. It’s pretty much a warehouse size with giant windows, pink chairs, some greenery, and lots of white. The style is quite feminine and very Abby Joy Studio!

Remote Work Friendly: 

Junta Coffee is fairly big, so I do believe that there is a lot of space for you without feeling claustrophobic against other remote workers.  If you’re looking for a cozy corner, this place may be a tad too big for you. 

Taylors Mill does have some restaurants if you’re needing to buy lunch. I have not tried the Wi-Fi here.

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📍Simpsonville, SC

Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC at Chestnut Coffee

☕️Chestnut  Coffeehouse + Market: Best Coffee Shops in Greenville SC for its cuteness

Location: 325 Rocky Slope Rd #101, Greenville, SC 29607 / 110 E Curtis St, Simpsonville, SC 29681
IG: @chestnut_coffeehouse_market

Aesthetic (Simpsonville location):

For some reason, when I first walked into this coffee shop in Greenville SC, I imagined a cafe in Japan or Korea looking like this. Chestnut Coffeehouse has a very clean appearance with an all white and light wood interior.. 

I think that the rattan overhead lights and plants keep the light interior bright yet warm and inviting!  

Remote Work Friendly: 

I spent a good 3-ish hours at Chestnut Coffeehouse and felt like I accomplished a bunch.. It is spacious enough and had huge windows that I felt like a happy little plant sunning in my own terrarium.

Their bathroom is over in another building (Burdette Central) but it’s not too far. There’s some historic displays and great typography over yonder so it was fun to explore for an extra minute before going back to work. 

What I Ordered: ($7)I ordered the lemon Scout’s Doughnuts’ cronut which are apparently only delivered at Chestnut (SVL) on Saturdays. I had my very first cronut in Barcelona years ago, and it was one of the most heavenly nutella-filled pastries I’ve ever put in my mouth, so I wanted to compare it to GVL’s very own. 

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a chocolate cronut, so I settled for the lemon flavor (lemon bars are some of my faves). I asked them to microwave that baby, but by the time I finished photographing the cronut and the space, the cronut was pretty much cold (lol, #phoneeatsfirst). Overall, this cronut was surprisingly filled with lemon glaze, and it made me happy

🔎Looking to explore outside of Greenville SC? Take a day trip to Charleston’s most beautiful spots (just 3 hours away from GVL).

If you have any favorite coffee shops that didn’t make it on this list, let me know!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I’ve loved growing up in Greenville, SC and I love taking you along. Don’t forget, Jesus’ joy is all around us, and I hope my page inspires you to Capture Joy in Your Next Adventure.

Credits: Some photos generously provided by Katie Morman.

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just abby joy



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