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Traveling with an instant camera is totally worth it—even if traveling with a bulky object can be cumbersome! With our digital age making photography almost too easy, it’s sweet to experience that quiet intentionality that photographers experienced back in the day.  After having an instant camera since 2014, the magic of having an on-the-spot keepsake […]

Traveling with an Instant Camera FAQs

February 24, 2024

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Here are 12 Instax photography tips and tricks I used from visiting LA for the first time!  My college friend moved out to California, and I had so much fun visiting LA’s famous sights with her! (It was the farthest out west I had ever been in the US at that point!)  Looking to watch […]

Instax Photography Tips (First Time in LA)

Instax Photography Tips

February 18, 2024

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