How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

February 24, 2024

Greenville, SC, Weddings

Reedy River Falls Engagement Session

OOh, you finally booked that engagement session! If you’re interested in booking with me, I would love for you to answer this questionnaire specifically about your engagement session so we can hone in the perfect location for you both. 

Here are some ways we can make your engagement session the best experience! 


This will depend on your questionnaire answer! I always love finding new spots with my couples and can venture off further for an additional travel fee if you’re interested (ex: Black Balsam, waterfalls, etc). If you’re in Greenville, one of my usual recommendations is Furman University; it’s more private (which is always perfect for first-time models;)) and still has nature! 

There’s less architecture but there are a couple spots we can try. They have an Asian garden that I just started shooting at and love. Here are some other spots on that campus if we have time.


My photos come alive with pastels and color vs. dark tones. I try to steer clear of dark on dark colors, black, deep reds/purples, especially with the winter grass currently being on the less vibrant side. 

Please avoid small prints like herringbone or small tiny plaid/checkered print that could “vibrate” on camera. 

If you do wear prints, try to choose subtle ones or make sure they truly coordinate with the other prints. I recommend choosing colors on the more spring tones with creams as neutrals. 

Here’s what to wear to your engagement session.

If it’s cold, please bundle up if needed. Email or text me your outfits so I can give you guidance to coordinate with each other!

Wear comfy shoes for walking, but switch to heels if desired.


Props are *such* a big thing for my couple shoots—especially if you want something more playful, relaxed for your first photoshoot! 

Do you hold something important between you two? Picnics at the park? Are you both big book or music lovers? One of my couples brought a cute bike with them before along with a picnic (their many dates in high school) and another couple brought a paint set and canvas.

Is there something like that that you’d like to incorporate to make it more “you”? I’ve linked some examples above and some other examples are: puppies, pizza, ice cream, first date photos / ideas we can recreate.

Additional Thoughts

Let me know if there’s any photo that is a *must* have. I typically pose my couples, but try to focus on more storytelling shots with candid action and emotion. Please feel free to send me any Pinterest boards of poses, prompts, or even relevant locations. I want your engagement session to highlight what you love! I can’t wait to get all creative with you both! 

Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to jump on a phone call with you if you’d like!

—Just Abby Joy

just abby joy

just abby joy



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