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November 15, 2022


Hey, friend! It’s Abby! I’ve waited *way too long* since my middle school blogs to publish this, so I think I’m just gonna hold my breath and take the pluunnnnge! Goodbye, analysis paralysis. (Annnd, of course, I type this out and think—oh snap, I need to crank a content calendar out stat… *face palm*)

My name is Abby, and I’m a Greenville, SC photographer and full-time graphic designer. I mostly photograph weddings, but if you asked me what my favorite portrait sessions were, they’d definitely be surprise proposals! Detailed planning, surprises, photojournalism, raw emotion? Yeah, I’m pumped just thinking about it! But second to that, fun, unique engagement sessions where we readily get into the water like at Triple Falls, NC or the oceans of Oahu make my inner water-child heart pitter patter. I talk more about my heart behind photography here.

Blog’s Purpose

On this blog, I’ll be bringing you along on my wedding days and epic adventure sessions, sharing behind-the-scenes, lessons, and tips, so you can get inspired for your own special moment!

I’ll also be sharing my personal adventures, exploring Greenville, SC and beyond (NY, HI, CA, FL, + more)! Big-adventure energy is begging to come out of my introverted self, so get ready for both laugh-out-loud adventures and quiet moments paired with beautiful photographs (and an occasional Reel or two to offer to the IG algorithm).

If you’re a fellow travel bug in your 20s-30s with a 9-5 hustle, who thrives on finding gems around the city, not just for instagrammable photo-ops but also for memorable experiences, you’ll definitely want to stick around!

Go ahead and say “heyo” down below, and let’s explore together!

just abby joy

just abby joy



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